September Birthstone - Sapphire

One of the rarest and most desired gemstones in its purest, rich blue colour, sapphires are admired for their durability and lustre - but did you know they come in a variety of colours including pink, yellow, green and white? This is contradictory to the meaning of the word Sapphire, which in Greek means blue.

Sapphires are thought to protect those close to us from harm and represents honesty, loyalty, purity and trust. It is therefore frequently used as an engagement gemstone.

In ancient times the sapphire was thought to bring protection from temptation and harm. Warriors would give their wives sapphire necklaces to prevent unfaithfulness. Priests also wore sapphires to protect them from temptations of the flesh. It was even thought that sapphires would protect the wearer from spiders and snakes!

The largest sapphire ever mined was found in Sri Lanka and comes in at an impressive 1,404 carats. This eclipsed the previous largest sapphire which is in the Logan Sapphire Brooch, weighing 422.99 carats. You can see this gem in the natural History Museum in Washington DC.

When gifting jewellery to a loved one, consider the symbolism of the gem you are gifting. What does it mean to you? What story can you tell when gifting this precious and unique piece? How will it make the receiver feel?

Jewellery is not just about the look after all; it’s about the feeling and the story you can tell.