Ayala Bar

Ayala Bar is an internationally recognised jewellery designer, renowned for her unique and colourful collections inspired by nature, travel and culture. Her designs blend a multitude of seemingly unrelated materials to result in vibrant, mosaic textured pieces that are beautifully distinct and a true joy to wear.

Ayala Bar’s jewellery is personally designed and lovingly handcrafted by her dedicated team in Israel, which has gained a worldwide following of dedicated clientele since its emergence in the 1980s.

Having a rich artistic history in drawing, sculpture, embroidery, sewing, theatre and interior design, it is no surprise that such a well-versed artist should create a brand that is noticeably distinguishable amongst its peers.

Ayala Bar’s incredible aptitude for noticing and being inspired by interesting contrasts, colours and textures in her surroundings has enabled her to collect a wealth of insights and ideas from details that may be perceived as mundane to the average person. It is these insights and ideas that are the foundation of her designs and the diversity of materials used to bring them to life.

Two collections are produced a year, keeping seasonal colours and fashion trends in mind, yet never straying from the artists inner vision. Ayala Bar’s loyal following eagerly awaits each release to see what elements may have inspired the creative artists latest designs. With each collection being of a limited edition, every piece is a collectible novelty.

At first glance these beautiful pieces may be seen in terms of their eye-catching colour palette, but look a little closer and you will find many intricate details that have been thoughtfully crafted to create a design that is truly distinct and unique.

Pieces may include blends of silk, beading, pearls, mineral stones, crystal rhinestones, glass and textiles from all around the world, producing a cultured and vivacious look.  Every element is nickel free, lead free and contains no hazardous materials, which is wonderful for wearers with sensitive skin and an environmental streak. 

Ayala Bar has frequently been described as Art Deco meets Middle Eastern, but with a thousand stories woven through each piece, it can be difficult to define.